• Fresh raw sliced marinated salmon

    French raw sliced marinated salmon, toasted bread

  • Fresh raw salmon tartar

    Fresh raw sliced salmon tartar, salade with toasted bread

  • Sliced Parma ham

  • Melon, Parma ham

  • Home made « foie gras »

    served with toasted bread and figs chutney

  • Deep fried squids

    Deep fried squirds, prawns

  • Sliced raw beef carpaccio

    parmesan shavings, truffle oil


  • Squid salad

    Mixed leaf salad, squid deglazed in balsamic vinegar, tomatoes, cucumber, garlic, parsley

  • Mozzarella Burrata

    Burrata, salad, tomatoes, olive oil

  • Salade Thaï

    lettuce salad, prawns, chicken, carot, cucumber, soja, home-made coco sauce

  • Niçoise

    mixed leaf salad, celery, tuna, anchovis, egg, onion, black olives, tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper

  • Paysanne

    Breaded goat cheese, ham, salad, egg, potatoes, cucumber, tomato

  • César

    salad, sause caesar, parmesan, breaded chicken, egg, tomatoes